5 things that I have learnt from meditation

Few months and I have learnt so much from practicing. Would you guess what?

  1. Patience – I used to be very impatient. Craved for something and wanted it immediately. I thought that everything I do, every relationship I start, must be perfect from the beginning. I could hardly handle that I couldn´t play piano like virtuoso after half year practice, that I´m not perfect employee or I don´t know how to solve something new. I wanted to see results directly. Of course it was not working. For great things you have to wait, you have to keep on doing what you do to achieve something. Good career, nice relationship, some new experiences with meditation. Anything. You just have to wait patiently and something will happen.
  2. Positivity – Before I started to meditate I had a golden rule – Always expect the worst and anything would happen, you´ll be always surprised in a positive way. So I always expect the worst results in school, in job, in any competition or relationship. Anywhere, anytime. My friends were totally annoyed with my tendency to reject all my school successes, to always blame myself for not being perfect enough. I ended up totally stressed with no reason. Only area I could be positive were life, relationships or successes of others. I quit. I realized my theory is not working properly. Either I´m negative or positive about my future success, it has no influence on result that actually comes. Only difference is that even if I succeed I end up being totally tired and weak. So I rather embrace everything with positive attitude. And even if things finish not that good, I still can find something positive about it.
  3. Acceptance – Previous years I was literally struggling. Things were going differently as I expected, I thought that things are happening just to make me sad, but anyway, it was my decision to feel this way. I didn´t know that. One day after meditation practice I looked on things with completely different eyes. Suddenly I saw that things are happening because they need to happen, they need to happen to open my eyes, to teach me some lesson. I started to accept that fact and I started to understand the purpose of these lessons. If I don´t understand immediately, I´m trying to look above horizon and wait patiently for an explanation. If it doesn´t come, I let it go. At least I´m trying to. J
  4. Relax – I used to travel quite a lot. Every time it was stress – lot of things to think of, lot of small details you shouldn´t forget and lot of mistakes I usually did. Missed trains and missed opportunities to look around and glimpse something amazing. When I was coming back from Belgian where I´d been meditating for 5 days I was completely peaceful. I lost my ticket, I forgot part of my luggage somewhere but I stayed totally fine. I sat into plane next to a guy who was freaking out – shaking, moving too much on his small seat. I couldn´t believe it but after almost hour of our conversation he stopped. The rest of the journey was just fine. Not because something has changed rapidly, but because he changed his attitude toward the road. Every time I travel now, I´m trying to take it easy – I ´m still very lucky to loose things, to miss transport, whatever you can imagine, but it´s okay. I learn that stress doesn´t help anything. And so I always sit deep down into my seat and watch all the stories passing by.
  5. Love & understanding – My biggest problem more than year ago (beside others) was fact that I was judging too much. I looked on a person and immediately start bringing solutions about person without knowing him better. I could see all the bad things at the first sight, but I could hardly find reasons to like, to love anyone. I knew it was wrong but I couldn´t help it. Only meditation had the power to change it. Now I watch with open eyes and heart. I´m searching more for good in others than bad. Actually it´s funny game. And love? To feel love is the greatest feeling ever – not just love toward your partner, but firstly love toward yourself, your parents, your friends, your job and whatever you do. Love is always at the first place, or it should be.

That´s only 5 things that meditation has taught me, that have changed my quality of life. Five exams I could pass while practicing on regular basis. Every time I stop meditating on regular basis, I ´m loosing these habits. So I gotta work on it more! What has meditation taught you?


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