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6 resolutions for year 2016

Imagine you would get a new chance to start from beginning every year. You could make a completely new plans, meet new people, experience totally new things. Imagine you could become a new person every year. Would you like it?

Now let´s be practical – this chance is given to you every day. New Year´s Eve is different in only one detail – it´s a longer period. Year is time when real changes can come into play. we make this New Year´s Eve resolution everytime. Just few times we come to make them true. Why?

Frequently it considers something we do not really need. We dream of a person we would like to be – while forgetting our true self. We don´t want something we can turn into. We tie ourselves to utopia which does not really arise from inside of us. Life gives us chance to work with what we got. We just need to sense who we are and who we are supposed to be. I made these New Year´s resolution. May they inspire you:

  1. help – when I help others, I do not think of myself
  2. meditate – when I meditate, I do not think, I AM
  3. love – when I love, I do not think, I create future
  4. create – when I create, I do not think, I transform myself and world
  5. excercise – when I excercise, I do not think, I love my body
  6. laught – when I laught, I do not think I love my life

This is recipe of mine. Your recipe can be totally different. Which fits you the best? What would you like to become in 2016? How will you make it?

I wish you would find peace in 2016, only in peace the right answers arise. The way you´ll search that peace is your own recipe. May you enjoy that search.



What is it that takes away so much energy? Everyday we wake up tired.

It´s moment when we do something wrong, when we hesitate, when we don´t follow our hearts.

Ask yourself if the journey you follow is a journey of your heart or ego? Then you know where that tireness comes from.


Why do we hesitate?

I love to walk in fog. November is my favorite month for jogging, cause every time I follow the morning flow of river, I´m lost in complete white. I don´t see a sh*t in front of me, but somehow I experience pure joy and faith.

In life it´s a permanent stage. You´re moving forward but you don´t see anything. Either you believe it will be fine or not, you have actually no idea what future will bring.

Unless you trust your steps and your visons, until you´re positive about yourself and you´re following the flow, it´s all fine. But once you stop to look around or back, you may start hesitating.

left-brain-right-brain-minimalism-wallpaper-2560x1600It´s the moment when your left hemisphere starts to rule you. Till now you were listening to your intuition and you were embracing things with love and creativity. But once you started applying logic where used to be a place for intuition and faith, you´re lost in white fog. Suddenly you may see thousands of reasons why your journey is wrong.

In one of my favorite Tedx videos is well-know neuroatomist Jill Bolte Taylor talking about how she experienced stroke. In moment when it happened, the link between her left and right hemisphere was interrupted and bridge between two sides was gone. She was lost in pure space of not knowing anything, weird moment of happiness and light. Without cognitive abilities like to feel the size of her body or its moves in space, she started to feel just some esoteric peacefulness and energy. „Imagine what it would feel like to lose 37 years of emotional baggage! (Laughter) Oh! I felt euphoria — euphoria. It was beautiful,“ she said.

5030387_13620007_lzThis woman, a scientist that is mostly using logic as the most important tool, ruled with her left hemisphere, suddenly experienced pure energy and creative flow of right hemisphere. That world of artists or all the people that use creativity in life and work. Moment of pure energy, power but despite peace.

„It’s next to impossible to be truly creative when you are afraid of shadows,“ writes Arianne Huffington, chief of one of the best well-know magazines on a planet. If it´s said by woman who is daily walking the streets with Hollywood stars, I bet she knows what she´s talking about. „The most stultifying and damaging fear infecting Hollywood is, of course, the fear of failure, because it keeps you from taking risks – and risk is an essential element of creativity and art,“ she adds. It´s the same everywhere, not only in Holywood. As Arianna sais, failure and fear from it are just two steps on the road to success.

Two sides of one coin. Two hemispheres. Never ending dualism which is so deeply rooted in our daily life. Neale Donald Walsch in his book Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue explains it in this way: there are just two forms of our existence – Love and fear. Love is the creative thought, the highest reality, the only reality. But in relative world where we have to live is also existence of fear inevitable – we need fear to know how great it feels when we create and live with love and courage.

What kind of future do we have

Important thing nowadays (which I realized on my travels) is fact, that there are no limits. Especially when you´re young, coming from country that is relatively free, you have so many options.

Not talking only about all the youth exchange, Erasmus and volunteering programmes, which allow you to go anywhere. Following the right pages, sooner or later you´ll find the offer you need to find – to make a movie from Kosovo documentary festival or train to become part of one NGO in Macedonia. Most of these offers are almost for free – you pay max. 30% of your travel costs. Can you imagine what your parents would say (especially when you´re coming from former east block as I do)? It´s not fair.


Well, it´s not. On the other hand, not everything is bright. For example – insecurity we live nowadays – like my friend told me – most of young folks around me are lost. In present and especially in future. Still there exists principal conflict – should I go with the flow which dictates me what to do, when and how or cut the rope which ties me to these borders and leave them? Well, hardest fact to accept – it´s up to you.

Let go your fear

I used to be a fearful kid. Afraid to be myself, afraid of trying new things, do what I like. Becoming older you´re getting rid of these fears but still. Fear is my biggest enemy. Where does this fear come from? Is it my fear – or fear of my parents, ancestors, the society I live in?

I met a lot of people on my journey to Thailand – people with no plan, no future, let´s say. They were coming from travels – used to travel for years or months and now, coming home, little bit fearful what it will bring. But, who knows what future brings?

I met a guy, let´s call him Diego, he used to be lawyer in Argentina, safe future, nice girlfriend, nothing to worry about. But at the certain point in his life – he asked himself – is this what I want? No, was the answer. Somehow he moved to Australia, to work, to live, to travel, then go to India to practise yoga, then it happened he got offer from organisation teaching young people around the world to meditate. He was just following his “inner voice”, not thinking too much, not planning a lot, going with the flow of life. And so we met. You should see him. I bet you haven´t met so many people like him – free, open to anything, feeling comfortable with himself, shining like a star.  The way he talked, acted, was uncompromisingly straight. No fear, no hesitation, just pure faith. In life itself, in future, whatever it brings. I often think of him.

Leave your comfort home

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But… It´s not necessary to leave your job, home, family and friends to change your life, you can start to do something different here, staying in your homeland. Sometimes it´s even harder to stay. Try to be more trustful, more happy. Look on the things you want to do and things you can do. Don´t ask if you´re good enough to go out with something you want. People are so easy to persuade – untill you´re persuaded. Leave your old habits, your zone. Your homeland is a safe place, we all know that, but also too dangerous to turn you into old, lazy, always complaining, grumpy daddy.

I´m telling this to myself everyday. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. At least it makes me think. And thinking can be the first step. But not thinking too much.