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6 resolutions for year 2016

Imagine you would get a new chance to start from beginning every year. You could make a completely new plans, meet new people, experience totally new things. Imagine you could become a new person every year. Would you like it?

Now let´s be practical – this chance is given to you every day. New Year´s Eve is different in only one detail – it´s a longer period. Year is time when real changes can come into play. we make this New Year´s Eve resolution everytime. Just few times we come to make them true. Why?

Frequently it considers something we do not really need. We dream of a person we would like to be – while forgetting our true self. We don´t want something we can turn into. We tie ourselves to utopia which does not really arise from inside of us. Life gives us chance to work with what we got. We just need to sense who we are and who we are supposed to be. I made these New Year´s resolution. May they inspire you:

  1. help – when I help others, I do not think of myself
  2. meditate – when I meditate, I do not think, I AM
  3. love – when I love, I do not think, I create future
  4. create – when I create, I do not think, I transform myself and world
  5. excercise – when I excercise, I do not think, I love my body
  6. laught – when I laught, I do not think I love my life

This is recipe of mine. Your recipe can be totally different. Which fits you the best? What would you like to become in 2016? How will you make it?

I wish you would find peace in 2016, only in peace the right answers arise. The way you´ll search that peace is your own recipe. May you enjoy that search.